Dakota Zoo Conservation Fund


Daily visitors to the zoo will notice our admission prices all end in .75. An extra quarter has been earmarked by our board of directors to go towards the Dakota Zoo Conservation Fund where it will be be used for wildlife conservation purposes on a local, national and global basis. This is part of a concerted effort to raise the profile of your zoo’s commitment to conservation.

Zoo members will be able to support conservation efforts as well, with $2.50 from each membership sold going to the Dakota Zoo Conservation Fund.

Conservation Fund monies will be distributed to conservation organizations, programs and projects selected by the zoo’s conservation and scientific research committee. Programs that will benefit from these funds will include those involved in wildlife conservation and management, habitat restoration, conservation education and scientific research in zoology, biology, habitat, and endangered species conservation.


Thank you for supporting Dakota Zoo and Wildlife conservation by visiting the zoo or becoming a zoo member! Every contributor of $100 or more to the DZCF will receive a Dakota Zoo Conservation Fund hat to proudly proclaim your support for wildlife conservation!

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