* Threatened or Endangered

Arctic Fox *

 : Alopex lagopus

 : Mammal

 : Northern and western Alaska and Canada, Russia, Scandinavia and Greenland

 : Small mammals including lemmings, hares and voles and carrion

 : Weight 6 to 10 lbs.

 : Common in most of its range except for Norway, Sweden and Finland where the total population numbers just a few hundred or less.

This small fox is well-suited for life in the frozen north.  It has rounded, well-protected ears, thick fur all over its body, including the bottoms of the feet, and a special heat transfer system that helps to keep it warm.  They don’t even shiver until it’s at least 97 below zero.  An excellent sense of hearing enables them to locate a rodent that is making noise under the snow, pouncing to break through and catch the prey.  They also snatch tidbits from larger prey when available.