* Threatened or Endangered

Snow Goose *

 : Anser caerulescens

 : Bird

 : United States, Canada and Siberia, rare visitor to Europe

 : Plant material and grains

 : Weight 3 to 7 lbs.

 : At the beginning of the 20th century the population was in serious decline. Today, Snow Geese in North America have increased to the point where the breeding areas in the far north and the saltmarsh wintering grounds in the south are both becoming severely degraded. Efforts are underway to control the exploding populations.

The typical white coloration of this bird is where its “winter” comes from.  Snow Geese are also found with a gray or “blue” plumage and are referred to as Blue Geese.  Hunting in the eastern United States was stopped in 1916 due to low population levels. Hunting was allowed again in 1975 after populations had increased.  Populations have been growing so large that the geese are destroying nesting habitat.  Each female can produce up to 6 chicks each spring, which are able to eat and swim soon after hatching.