* Threatened or Endangered

Silver Pheasant *

 : Lophura nycthemera

 : Bird

 : Southeast Asia and China

 : Plants, seeds, insects and invertebrates

 : Wingspan up to 36”

 : Of the 17 subspecies of Silver Pheasants, most are prevalent in their range. A few subspecies have limited ranges and are potentially in danger due to habitat loss.

The colorful male with his striking white tail and bare red facial skin presents quite a difference when compared to the female.  The behavior of the male is all about attracting females, while the female is drab colored, which helps her to hide from predators while sitting on the nest incubating eggs.  Silver pheasants are one of the hardiest breeds of pheasants and, while males don’t help incubate the eggs, will readily defend the nesting female from small predators.