* Threatened or Endangered

Golden Eagle *

 : Aquila chrysaetos

 : Bird

 : Remote mountains, tundra and grassland of North America

 : Small game

 : Weight to 14 lbs., wingspread up to 6 ½ feet

 : Like the Bald Eagle, Golden Eagles have made a significant return to much of their natural area after being dramatically affected by the effects of the poison, DDT.

These large birds are named for their “golden” head which is most easily seen in full sun. Similar in size to the Bald Eagle, they have a smaller “hawk-like” beak and their legs are feathered all the way to the toes.  These agile birds can dive at speeds of over 100 miles per hour when swooping down on prey.  Young eagles grow quickly, being able to fly at around 70 days of age.  The North Dakota badlands are well-suited for Golden Eagles, with many nest sites located there.