* Threatened or Endangered

Burmese Python *

 : Python molurus bivittatus

 : Reptile

 : Throughout Southeast Asia including Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia

 : Birds and mammals, including rats and mice

 : Normally grow up to 18’ in length and weigh up to 160 lbs., one snake in captivity weighed 403 lbs. and was 27 feet long

 : Threatened in the wild due to being hunted for their skins, they are a nuisance in areas where they have been released by people who no longer want them

This large snake is one of the six largest snake species in the world.  This fast-growing snake can reach up to 7’ in length their first year.  They can live up to 20 years or more and can quickly become too large for most people to handle.  So many unwanted snakes have been released in areas such as Florida that they are becoming a serious problem in some areas, eating endangered birds and even family pets.