The Mission of the Dakota Zoo


Most people come to Dakota Zoo for recreation. We intend to provide a fine environment for people to come and learn to appreciate what nature has to offer.


Just because people come to Dakota Zoo for recreation doesn't mean that they can't learn something while they are here. Teaching the public about the animals on display can promote more favorable attitudes toward wildlife and the facility itself. It has been shown that visitors are capable of and even willing to learn something during their "social outing". This is the duty of Dakota Zoo--to promote a good attitude and a certain responsibility to nature.


This area has become one of the most important purposes of zoos. Zoos contribute to the conservation effort by helping people become interested in animals. Zoos can play an important role in developing a responsible attitude towards nature. Many times zoos have and do contribute to saving a species from extinction. Breeding programs are being developed for many types of endangered species with the ultimate goal of reintroducing animals back into the wild once safe retreats are established for them.


The Dakota Zoo has been active the past several years in science projects which cover a whole range of areas and none of which do any harm to the animals which are on display.