Viewing Areas

From the hands-on experience of feeding a herd of friendly goats in our farmyard area, to the chill down your spine as you “enter the realm” of Tigers and Snow Leopards - The Dakota Zoo offers a number of ways to experience our animal residents. Many exhibits feature glass walled viewing stations for clear vistas and excellent photo opportunities.

The Zoo is located on a 90 acre site along the banks of the scenic Missouri River and encompasses a large meadow area and gently rolling river bottoms filled with mature cottonwood and hardwood trees. This setting allows most of our exhibits to closely emulate the natural habitat of our animal residents. 

The Jack and Joyce Schuchart Big Cat Complex is equipped with heated viewing stations, plus a system of tunnels that let visitors safely observe Tigers and Snow Leopards from viewing turrets inside the exhibit!

The bi-level North American River Otter enclosure has large underwater windows allowing visitors to watch the fun as these natural show-offs perform amazing underwater feats.

The Mountain Lion, Bobcat and Lynx exhibits all have large glass viewing windows, as does the Elk Overlook, and Grizzly Bear enclosure.

Our Gray Wolf exhibit features a raised viewing platform that affords birds-eye views of the Wolves as they move about this spacious enclosure.

The Prairie Dog enclosure is designed with our younger visitors in mind, with tunnels and viewing domes that offer a chance to get up close and personal with these inquisitive rodents.

The “Monkey Barn” houses a number of small primates in glass fronted enclosures, and the Bismarck Tribune Discovery Center is home to salt and fresh-water Fish, Reptiles, and Amphibians, all displayed indoors in climate controlled comfort.

The animals that require fenced exhibits are still highly visible to Zoo visitors, with enclosures that allow viewing from much closer proximity than one could ever achieve in the wild.